Company Profile

GTI Fujairah is an independently owned and operated storage terminal with a dedicated and highly-experienced management team.

Since its inception in 2012, the terminal (formerly known as Socar Aurora Fujairah Terminal) has been successfully serving the storage needs of large trading houses, MNCs and medium sized traders. GTI Fujairah has a sizeable land bank with the potential to add more than 1 million m3 of new storage capacity to the existing 352,000 m3 capacity. Future developments in the Port of Fujairah are expected to create significant storage demand going forward.

GTI Fujairah is owned by Global Terminal Investments Limited, an independent investment company that is seeking to create a market-leading portfolio of storage terminals that are strategically located along the global energy value chain. Global Terminal Investments Limited is backed by Prostar Capital – a specialist infrastructure fund manager that invests exclusively in high-quality midstream energy infrastructure.