Safety and Business Continuity
Update from GTI Fujairah

May 2020

Subject: Safety and Business Continuity Update from GTI Fujairah

Dear Stakeholders – Customers and Business partners

In continuation to our earlier communication (link) regarding Covid-19 situation, we would like to apprise you on the recent initiatives we have taken at GTI Fujairah to ensure business continuity whilst promoting safety and wellbeing of our employees and stakeholders.

Covid-19 has changed and impacted the world in unprecedented manner regarding how we interact and do business. We at GTI Fujairah fully understand this and are continually monitoring and responding to the fluid situation while ensuring the health and safety of our employees, stakeholders, customers and community along with the safe operations of our terminal.

To ensure infection control and minimize any impact, we have implemented a formal procedure for Covid-19 related measures at terminal. Business Continuity Plan has been updated to provide maximum agility within available resources against any unexpected situation. We are in close coordination with our partners and contractors to preempt any safety risk and to plan mitigation accordingly.

In line with recent regulations and guidelines, we have further reevaluated the terminal teaming against risk of Covid-19 spread with due consideration of Safe Operations and emergency response. Operations team has been segregated into 3 physically isolated groups stationed at CCR, Field and Port with strict controls and minimal physical interface. A Detailed Matrix has been developed to map the interaction between different GTIF employees/groups in order to identify and minimize potential exposure to fellow employees. Terminal access to external parties has been restricted to reduce any potential exposure.

In addition to comprehensive action plan already in place, GTIF has taken following additional steps proactively to increase layers of the physical distancing and prevention against the spread of Covid-19:

  • A walk-through ‘Sanitization Chamber’ has been installed at the terminal entrance. Municipality-approved safe disinfectant is sprayed on the entrants to neutralize any harmful viral/bacterial pathogens carried by the visitor.
  • Dedicated Portacabin along with Portable Ablution units (with 2 toilets) have been placed for accommodating surveyors, agents and third-party contractors restricting their entry to the terminal building.
  • Thermal camera/scanner has been provided at the entrance of the terminal to monitor the temperature of employees/ visitors from ~2 meters.
  • Sterilization of terminal office building, surveyors portacabin and security office by external contractor has been continued on fortnightly basis.
  • All third-party surveyors are encouraged to use their own gauging/sampling equipment.
  • To reduce exposure and frequency of onboard visits of Loading Masters, GTIF encourages and assists for timely completion of pre- and post-operation vessel documentation digitally via email.
  • Face masks and gloves are provided to GTIF employees to promote safe practices during off-duty hours by employees and their families.
  • Drop boxes have been placed at the Main Gate and CCR for all incoming/outgoing documents. Use of sanitizer and gloves are mandatory before touching drop boxes.
  • Personal disinfectant sprays have been placed at all user tables so that employee can disinfect before using their workplace.
  • Employees are updated on the Covid-19 related regulations, GTIF actions, and employee’s responsibilities through regular bulletins.

We remain focused to ensure minimum potential disruption to our stakeholders and are constantly working on effective plans to deal with this evolving situation. We would like to assure you that the health and safety of our employees, clients and suppliers is our top priority. For any additional information, comment or suggestion, you are always welcome to reach our team anytime.

We thank you for your continued partnership and wish best for your health and safety in these challenging times.

For and on behalf of
GTI Fujairah FZC
Nizamuddin Noorali
General Manager

GTIF Covid-19 Measures – Photographs

Dedicated portacabin and ablution units for external parties

Sanitization Chamber for personnel disinfection at the entrance

Temperature screening using Thermal Camera by Security team

Fortnightly Sanitization Activity & Isolation Room at terminal

Signposts installed for team and visitors awareness

Safety PPEs issued to team for work and off-duty hours