GTI Fujairah aspires to be a leader in bulk petroleum storage industry, through innovative solutions whilst continually improving energy performance and energy management while reducing energy consumption with associated carbon emissions, in a sustainable way.

In order to achieve our vision, GTI Fujairah is committed to:

  • Implement an effective Energy Management System, ensuring compliance to all applicable regulatory requirements for energy efficiency, energy use, energy consumption and reduction in greenhouse gases emissions as an integral part of all our business practices;
  • Contribute to meeting the national goals in the area of greenhouse gases emissions and improving the energy efficiency;
  • Establish framework for Energy Management System, set energy targets, regularly review the energy performance, and adopt relevant continual improvement measures;
  • Optimize the energy consumption, reduce the waste and minimize the associated costs on an ongoing basis and in a systematic way;
  • Use the energy efficiency as one of the key criteria within procurement processes for products and services;
  • Encourage and integrate energy performance improvement in the design where possible;
  • Ensure necessary resources for meeting the energy objectives and targets;
  • Ensure effective communication, information availability, education, consultation, and engagement related to the energy management system;
  • Encourage and reinforce Energy Conservation Culture in organization by empowering all employees to intervene and report any instance of energy wastage.


The Energy policy will be documented, implemented, and communicated to all employees and stakeholders.