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  • All class 1 tanks with internal floating roof and dome.
  • Present capacity is 352,203 m3 having 14 No of tanks.
  • Loading and discharge of vessels for both the regional and international markets.
  • Product dedicated lines. 2 Nos black jetty lines having 4,500 m3/hr. per line and 4 Nos of clean oil jetty lines having 3,000 m3/hr. flow capacity per line.
  • All Black Oil tanks having heating facility.
  • The storage and supply of bunker fuel via Port of Fujairah which is second largest vessel bunkering port in the world
  • Inter and Intra-tank transfers
  • High speed flow control pumps.
  • Flow control tank’s stripping pumps
  • Additive addition and Blending facility for complete homogeneity of black and clean products with latest technology.
  • Piggable product lines.
  • Terminal own power generation.
  • Terminal own nitrogen generation.
  • Redundancy for all the critical utilities & equipment is in place to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Connected with Port of Fujairah deep draft jetties (up to 20 meters) having 9 main berths, each berth can handle 2 barges or one large vessel up to 200,000 DWT.
  • Facilitates trade among traders via Port of Fujairah interconnected matrix manifold from one terminal to another.
  • Tanker loading facility to access local market, with Weighbridge control system and Ticketing
  • Proven record of quality, quantity controls and customer satisfaction.
  • Consistent leader among all Terminals in Fujairah in compliance to Port of Fujairah KPI.
  • Possibility of expanding the terminal to above 1.5 million m3
No of Tanks Type Product Class Capacity m3
6 Dome Roof with IFR Crude/Fuel Oil l , ll & III 230,246
5 Dome Roof with IFR Gasoline/Naphtha/Jet/Gas Oil l , ll & III 112,726
1 Dome Roof with IFR Gasoline/Naphtha/Jet/Gas Oil l , ll & III 6,943
2 Fix Roof Gas Oil/ Jet II 2,288

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352,000 cbmCapacity

14Storage Tanks

1,500,000 cbm

Potential to Expand